Lotus Pet Lids; Protection for four legged friends

After extensive and hair-raising time trials, Lotus has developed its new lifestyle range of stylish helmets for cats to be both practical and desirable. Tipping the scales at a trim 25 grams, the wonderfully detailed lids can be personalised with your furry companion’s name and blood group.

Available in a choice of contemporary and historic colour schemes, the new Lotus Pet Lids are a perfect way to enhance the safety of cats for trips to the vet, visiting a cat show, or just a spirited Sunday drive.

Commenting on how Lotus has taken the lead in this new field, Head of Safety Felix Shepard said: “We were inspired by Clark, the Hethel factory cat who kept wanting to jump in the cars when we were track testing. As we take safety seriously, it was only proper that our furry friends should be afforded the same pedigree of protection that our drivers have.”

Launched in time for spring, the Lotus Pet Lids are now available for loyal Lotus fans and can be ordered until noon today. The helmets can also be customised through the company’s increasingly popular Lotus Exclusive programme. Developed by the Lotus Design team, it combines traditional British craftsmanship with the best of modern design. Conceived to inspire a new breed of customer, allowing them to tailor the helmets to their, and their pet’s, personal taste, it offers a comprehensive array of options and provides an alluring alternative to an off-the-peg pet helmet.

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