The “MEYLE Mechanics” recommend: Replace defective engine mounts at once and create long-term value for your customers

Engine mounts are prone to fail prematurely caused, for example, by frequent temperature changes from ambient air to operating temperatures, excessive vibration and high engine loads. The consequences range from unresponsive steering and unpleasant noise to – sometimes dramatically – reduced driving comfort.

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In their latest video on the “MEYLE TV” YouTube channel the “MEYLE Mechanics” detail the system intricacies and demonstrate potential consequential damages of a defective engine mount: It will put the remaining support points under extra stress as vibration increases or cause the engine to tilt to a degree where it may contact the body or any peripheral components including the drive train, hoses and cables. By replacing worn engine mounts workshops can effectively prevent this scenario and even offer their customers the immediate and noticeable benefit of considerably improved driving comfort.

Under its MEYLE and MEYLE-HD brands Wulf Gaertner Autoparts offers three generations of MEYLE engine mounts: Full-rubber mounts, hydraulic engine mounts and electrically or pneumatically switchable engine mounts.

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