Road salt – The great enemy of the condenser

The longer the winter, the more salt will be sprinkled on the roads and the more damage will be determined on the air- conditioning condenser. With our ‘Easy Fit’ product line, you can easily replace the condenser.

Due to the low boiling point of the refrigerant, the condenser is always the first heat exchanger in the driving direction of the vehicle, so the cold ambient air flow is supplied to the heat exchanger. This ensures there is sufficient refrigerant condensed, or is liquid, which subsequently is evaporated in the evaporator to absorb heat from the interior.

Due to the salt on our roads, corrosion is caused to the condenser. When the air-conditioning is switched on, the increasing pressure (15> bar) will cause leakage of the condenser. Because the condenser loses refrigerant, the desired cooling effect will be absent. Then the only solution is to replace the condenser.

To simplify this process, NRF has developed the product series ‘Easy Fit’. These complete installation kits provides you the proper and efficient installation, by offering a product and necessary mounting items in one package. Radiator caps, hose clamps, O-rings, screw plugs and adapters are a number of mounting articles which you can find in our Easy Fit packaging. With Easy Fit you have the benefits of a mounting kit and the quality you expect from NRF. Easy Fit generates time savings in your workshop, prevents technical problems through proper assembly resulting into a satisfied customer. Easy Fit from NRF offers kits for: radiators, compressors, condensers, dryers, evaporators.

In the sense of mobile air-conditioning, it is important to use the correct O-rings for sealing. These proper O-rings for the condenser were added in the ‘Easy Fit’ kit. It is important that the new O-ring is always sufficiently lubricated with PAG oil. This prevents that the O-ring will be damaged during the installation, which may lead to leakage of the connection.

Easy Fit saves time during installation and prevents technical problems by a proper installation. The advantages of Easy Fit are: efficiency, time-saving, simple and practical, complete, 100% quality.

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