Opel and Bandwerk to Launch New Manta A Memorabilia

Resource-saving vehicles and mobility concepts – and sustainable, stylish brand accessories: Opel can do both. That’s why the German automotive brand with the iconic Blitz and German high-quality accessory brand Bandwerk have announced that they will be cooperating on a series of limited-edition watch straps for Apple watches. Inspired by the forward-looking, iconic Manta GSe, the two German brands will initially introduce the “TIMELESS ENERGY collection”. Like the Manta GSe has built a bridge from Opel’s exciting heritage to a very desirable sustainable future, the exclusive straps for Apple watches follow the same path. The “TIMELESS ENERGY collection” will appeal to trendsetters and traditionalists alike as they are based on the idea to upcycling two 1970 original black front seats of the legendary Manta A. The new collection will celebrate its debut as part of the open door day to mark the 125th anniversary of automotive production at Opel on June 8.

“Sustainability is a key component of our Greenovation brand pillar. We will already offer at least one battery-electric version of every model in our portfolio this year. Also, we are continuously increasing the amount of recycled material across our product range and working on every aspect of our business to become CO2 neutral. With the cooperation with Bandwerk, we are even taking it a step further. This project is another example of how we are saving resources – by creating something new and desirable from something that would have been discarded in the past,” said Rebecca Reinermann, Opel’s Vice President Marketing.

“The Opel Manta GSe inspired us to create an Apple Watch strap that stands for pure Zeitgeist. A timeless piece of the past transformed into a sustainable vision of the future. In highest craftmanship, German precision and attention to detail, we created 125 Apple watch straps upcycled from original Manta seats. In addition, the project underpins Opel’s anniversary and ambition to move forever forward”, said Bandwerk’s Jonas Burgmann, founder of Bandwerk.

The first seeds for the extraordinary cooperation between German car brand Opel and Bandwerk, a company with a clear focus on providing high-quality accessories for Apple products, were first sown in 2023 when the Brand Design Studio was tasked with presenting further ideas to underpin Opel’s “Greenovation” brand pillar. Underpinned by Stellantis’ ambitions for its Circular Economy Business and Opel’s clear focus on providing sustainable mobility the brand with the Blitz is looking at all elements of the business to further reduce emissions and waste. The meetings between the Bandwerk and Opel teams quickly revealed a natural match between the two brands and their ambition to create more desirable sustainable solutions and progressed to concrete ideas – with the legendary Manta A playing a key role.

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“TIMELESS ENERGY collection” for Apple Watches: Detox meets German precision

The result of the collaboration is a unique watch strap that mixes up-to-date technology techniques to compose and assemble material into a modern and bold design. The yellow frame follows the same “detoxed design language” as the Manta GSe with a functional Blitz-texturing inside the anti-transpiration bracelet. The design is completed by a beautifully sculpted Manta detail in metal to fasten the strap in place.

The Manta A is one of the many legendary models that Opel has launched in its 125 years of automotive history. In the 1970s, the rear-wheel drive sports coupe impressed with its outstanding handling and design. To this day the Manta still inspires the brand with the Blitz. The design team around Vice President Design Mark Adams took their inspiration for the new brand face, the Opel Vizor, from the Manta A. And in 2021, Opel unveiled the fully electric Manta GSe – a concept car in the original design but with a 108 kW (147 hp) electric motor replacing the four-cylinder engine of the 1970s. Together with Bandwerk, the Rüsselsheim-based brand is now taking the next step in keeping the iconic model alive while at the same time staying true to its “Greenovation” brand pillar by giving two original 1970 black front seats a new lease of life as watch straps.

The “TIMELESS ENERGY collection” is the first set of Apple accessories that will be announced this year. Additional accessories focussing on Opel’s GSe models and its Experimental concept car that gives a clear vision of the future of the Opel brand are set to follow.

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