New MEYLE oil change kits catalogue

Instantly available technical product information is the key to efficient repair processes – all the more for routine repair jobs. This is why Wulf Gaertner Autoparts AG has revamped its MEYLE oil change kit catalogue: Featuring a total of 45 items, the MEYLE oil change kit range links to more than 4,000 vehicle applications. In addition to all available kit references, the catalogue also lists all individual components required for repair along with their respective part numbers. Available in English, the catalogue is grouped by lines.

Information can be accessed via a printed version (MEYLE reference: CAT 999 0045), a digital version, and the product’s microsite with catalogue function: The catalogue function allows users to identify the required oil change kit, searching by either vehicle model or transmission type. The microsite is available in eight language versions.

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New MEYLE oil change kit for Mercedes 7-G Tronic Plus automatic transmission

As of now, MEYLE offers a new oil change kit to fit the Mercedes 7-G Tronic Plus seven-speed automatic transmission thus catering for a high-demand item on the market. The kit comes with a special hydraulic filter which is fully compliant with the A89 code (reduced friction) specified by Mercedes. Ideally geared to the special and current vehicle applications, the filter’s multi-layer design delivers maximum filtering performance: Four different filtration media ensure that any nano particles circulating in the transmission fluid are captured.

The new oil change kit with MEYLE reference 014 135 0402 is currently the only kit on the market to include this special filter thus guaranteeing users maximum operational safety.

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