Gates Troubleshooting Guide For Cooling Systems

Gates has increased its technical support for installers by publishing two technical booklets about cooling systems diagnostics coming in one pack (E/70547). Although they are designed for installer’s use, counter staff will find them an important source of information as well.

This is the first time Gates has produced a Troubleshooting Guide for cooling systems. “The motivation was to improve the overall quality of the cooling system product package, which as well as belt kits with water pumps, also includes thermostats and hoses” states Wim Goossens, Marketing Director.

Diagnosis Made Easy is a 16-page booklet that highlights the major cooling system diagnostic issues. White smoke from the exhaust pipe, rising fuel consumption, irregular water coolant levels, liquid under the car, unusual noises in the system – and steam – are just some of the symptoms that can indicate problems within the cooling system.

The Gates Cooling System Troubleshooting Guide takes installers on a step-by-step journey through symptoms and potential causes of cooling system problems under the bonnet. They enable them to find solutions to a wide range of problems – but these publications are important tools for distributors, too.

In days gone by, memorizing a few references was enough to resolve many of the daily cooling system issues raised by garage customers. It’s a different story today. As a response to product innovation across all Original Equipment levels, the proliferation of parts references over the last 10 years, has made keeping abreast of product development so much harder for counter staff.

“On the workshop floor, installers will recognize cooling system problems, but some might fail to appreciate that what they have found is actually a symptom caused by a problem somewhere else. The diagnostic and troubleshooting guides are designed to help installers trace issues back to the causes and diagnose the correct solutions for the vehicles” underlines Wim Goossens.

Garage customers are often reluctant to pay for work that they don’t understand. If these diagnostic guides can help resolve issues like that, everyone will benefit.

The troubleshooting guide is currently already available in 6 languages. The Turkish version is in preparation and will be available soon.

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