Eberspaecher presents new bus air-conditioning system AC135

The increasing population demands for innovative and future-oriented transportation solutions for cities and densely populated areas. Among all trends for Smart Cities, sustainability in public transport is of increasing relevance. Eberspaecher offers a new air-conditioning system for hybrid and battery-electric as well as conventional buses. The AC135 will be presented for the first time at Busworld Europe in Brussels from October 7-12.

Mid-size and large city buses are common vehicles used for public transport. Following the trend of sustainability, the electrification of these transportation fleets is increasing. Different market forecasts show that the percentage of BEVs will rise in nearly every global market. With its comprehensive portfolio of thermal management solutions, the German-based automotive supplier Eberspaecher contributes to the Clean Mobility. The new roof-mounted air-conditioning system AC135 offers comfort in buses with all drive types. Overall the platform convinces with its lightweight construction that offers lower consumption rates. The AC135 provides short installation times and a small roof footprint due to the reduced length, in its smallest version only 1.88m. The parallel high one-piece design combines the advantages of a short parallel unit with side or center return air grilles for easy access and serviceability.

Five variants for a large scale of city buses

With five variants of the AC135 product platform, Eberspaecher provides a uniform costeffective interface for all buses and performance classes. Three versions of the AC135C from 25kW to 30kW for conventional drives feature four to six blowers for passenger compartments of different sizes. Under the name AC135 AE, two further units with 30kW and 40kW performance cool hybrid and battery-electric vehicles. Depending on the requirements, all five variants are available with a brushed or brushless motor. The unit runs with a variety of controls, including the E-Control from Eberspaecher. Furthermore, the AC135 is available in the e-connected web application, the company´s cloud-based digital service platform.

Driving electrification forward

All AC135 AE variants come with an integrated battery cooling module. This helps to continuously maintain the temperature of the batteries, ensuring greater efficiency and furthermore prolonging the battery life. The integration of the battery module directly into the AC system saves valuable space on the buses roof and also overall vehicle weight. For an optimal operation, the integrated battery cooling module makes use of the components within the AC unit to maintain the temperature. In addition, the all-electric thermal management system includes a built-in compressor, an inverter and customerspecific software

Production and availability

Eberspaecher started production of the AC135 Conventional product variants under high standards and with components from Europe in July 2022 at its long-standing site in Bangalore, India. Following the global trend of electrification and sustainability in public transport, the AC135 AE will follow by the end of this year.

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