Pol Tarrés sets the new world altitude record

RAM Trucks Europe supported the successful World Record expedition with two RAM 1500 vehicles, which served as technical support for the Spanish extreme enduro rider Pol Tarrés and his Trece Racing Society

Pol Tarrès, Ambassador for RAM Trucks Europe, ascends to new heights of boundless epicness, both on four and two wheels. Only two years after making history and setting the altitude world record aboard a Yamaha Ténéré 700, the Spanish extreme enduro rider recently returned to Chile: this time he sets the bar even higher, not just by smashing his own record, but also by setting a new altitude record for a single-cylinder motorcycle.

RAM Trucks Europe, in collaboration of RAM Trucks Chile, supported this attempt by supplying Pol Tarrès and his Team at Trece Racing Society with a RAM 1500 BIGHORN powered by a 3.6L V6 eTorque engine producing 309hp.

The target of the expedition was to ascend Ojos del Salado, the highest volcano on earth, the second-highest mountain in the Andes and the highest summit in Chile. Several other athletes and vehicles have attempted to conquer this uninhabitable place, with its steep rock inclines, scree slopes and snow drifts, yet none have enjoyed the same success as Tarrés thus far.

“Preparing for this challenge was difficult, many said it could not be done,” declared project manager, Javi Echevarria. “But we as a team know that exactly that is what drives Pol, to do exactly what no one thinks possible. It was really a team effort – and would have been impossible without everyone involved in the technical preparation and support.”

Altitude sickness and scarce oxygen were constant companions for the team during a two-week acclimatization process. The performance and reliability of the RAM Trucks vehicles proved crucial during these long days of preparation, as they transported the entire crew of eight people, three Yamaha bikes, and a quad to nearly 5,000 meters above sea level, amidst extreme high winds and unexpected snowfalls.

“Above 6.000 metres everything seems to go super slow, the physical exhaustion is indescribable and there is no room for mistakes,” commented Pol Tarrés. ”Even walking is a challenge, let alone riding a motorbike at this altitude. Having our RAM Trucks as technical support vehicles even at 5.800 m. of altitude was crucial for resting, planning, and preparing the attempt with perfect timing.”

The mental, physical, and mechanical challenges faced by Tarrés and his team during this testing challenge cannot easily be conveyed with words alone. To reveal more of the behind the scenes of the endeavor, RAM Trucks Europe will collaborate with Trece Racing Society on the “Boundless by RAM” series, soon to be released via social media channels.

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