ChatGPT is a generative artificial intelligence model. This technology uses language models to understand and generate a natural and fluid interaction. By learning from huge amounts of data, ChatGPT can answer an impressive variety of questions and provide accurate and relevant information.

DS IRIS SYSTEM, available across the entire DS 3, DS 4, DS 7 and DS 9 range, is now enriched with ChatGPT AI to enable users to enjoy a revolutionary conversational experience onboard the vehicle, ensuring the access to useful information and the ability to complete a multitude of tasks. Thanks to the integration of this new feature, the DS onboard voice recognition system takes on a new dimension by becoming a digital assistant devoted to the travel experience.

Whatif you were to ask DS IRIS SYSTEM it what you could visit during an afternoon in Bordeaux, to list the most beautiful works kept at the Louvre Museum, to invent a quiz on your favourite subject, or even to create a children’s story? All these ideas,and much more, can now be topics of conversation with your DS.Indeed, integrated into DS IRIS SYSTEM, ChatGPT offers a whole new dimension for interaction between the driver and the vehicle.

To use it, simply speak to DS IRIS SYSTEM by saying “OK IRIS” or by pressing the special button on the steering wheel. Voice interaction then starts safely, without you taking your eyes off the road or hands off the wheel.

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