CITROËN Ë-C4 X Wins The 1,000 Km Test

The ability to undertake long journeys with peace of mind is one of the main barriers to the adoption of electric models. In response to this, it has led many manufacturers to offer models boasting significant range but with heavier, more expensive, and more power-consuming batteries. Citroën, however, has chosen a different path, opting for reasonably sized, compact, lightweight, and affordable batteries. This choice proves to be advantageous for daily commutes, where a heavy battery is a disadvantage. Coupled with a fastcharging capacity of 100 kW and an efficient motor, it enables a serene approach to long journeys.

To illustrate this, Citroën collaborated with UTAC, a leading group in the field of automotive tests, validations, and certifications, globally recognized. The question posed to them was simple: how much time does it take to cover 1,000 km with an electric vehicle, specifically the ë-C4X? This is the question a customer faces when confronted with specifications such as battery size, certified range, weight, charging speed, etc., without fully understanding how it translates into real-world usage. To provide reference points, UTAC was tasked with conducting the test under strictly similar conditions with vehicles from the competitive field of ë-C4 and ë-C4X: Renault Mégane eTech, Volkswagen ID 3, and MG 4.

The Citroën ë-C4 X emerged as the fastest in completing the 1,000 km, with a total time, including recharging, of 11 hours and 57 minutes. The competitors took between 14 and 67 minutes longer to cover the same distance. The results, as indicated by UTAC’s measurements, are explained by lower energy consumption and optimized charging times, validating the technical choices made for ë-C4 X and, by extension, ë-C4.

In addition to efficient products, Citroën offers the e-ROUTES application, which makes every long electric journey even more convenient. Directly connected to the vehicle’s data, driving conditions, and the status of charging stations, this personal assistant optimizes the customer’s route in real-time. This combination of a high- for everyone, like no one performance product and an intelligent application is particularly well-suited for the rapid development of the charging network..

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