Bestselling Opel Astra Now Also Available With 48-Volt Technology

Battery-electric, as a plug-in hybrid or with a highly efficient combustion engine – customers of the current Opel Astra generation already had a wide selection of drive alternatives. Now the offer is rounded off by another addition: From now on, the Opel Astra and Opel Astra Sports Tourer can also be ordered as a hybrid with 48-volt technology. Opel's compact class bestseller therefore offers a drivetrain portfolio like no other Opel model to date, both as a five-door and as a spacious Sports Tourer estate. 

Hybrid technology offers a wide range of advantages, especially for “newcomers to electric mobility”, and for journeys with a lot of stop-and-go traffic thanks to recuperation: Compared to its purely conventionally operated counterpart, fuel consumption and CO2 emissions in the new Astra Hybrid are reduced by around 14 per cent. At low speeds in the city, customers can even drive purely electrically and therefore locally emissions-free. A socket or charging station for power supply is not required as the Astra Hybrid’s battery recharges during deceleration. All components of the drivetrain are optimally coordinated with each other, which is also noticeably reflected in a high level of driving comfort. And thanks to the compact design of the hybrid system, no space is lost in the interior.

“We recently launched one of the first fully electric estates in the Astra Sports Tourer Electric. Now we are once again expanding the selection of drives available for our compact class bestseller. The new Astra and Astra Sports Tourer Hybrid with 48-volt technology are the ideal economical alternative for anyone who wants to reduce consumption and emissions without having to rely on an external power supply. At the same time, you can temporarily travel fully electric and therefore locally emissions-free with the new Astra Hybrid. Together, this represents an exciting package at an attractive entry-level price,” said Patrick Dinger, head of the Opel brand in Germany.

Consumption down, driving pleasure up: hybrid system perfectly in sync

The drivetrain of the new Astra and Astra Sports Tourer Hybrid includes a lithium-ion battery that charges automatically under certain driving conditions, as well as a new 100 kW/136 hp turbocharged 1.2-litre petrol engine. The three-cylinder engine was developed specifically for hybrid use and comes in combination with a new electrified six-speed dual-clutch transmission and a 21 kW/28 hp electric motor.

Thanks to the combination of petrol engine and electric motor, consumption and CO2 emissions in the five-door Astra Hybrid (fuel consumption: 5.0 l/100 km, CO2 emissions 113 g/km; CO2 label: C; combined values according to WLTP1) are reduced by around 14 per cent compared to the comparable non-electrified Astra 1.2 Turbo with eight-speed automatic transmission (fuel consumption according to WLTP: 5.8 l/100 km, CO2 emissions 130 g/km; CO2 label: D; combined values according to WLTP).

The technology is especially effective in city traffic. The electric drive supports the petrol engine when accelerating and starting from a standstill. The electric motor contributes torque, especially at low engine speeds, which benefits driving dynamics and CO2 savings. At low speeds, the electric motor also enables fully electric travel for up to one kilometre or up to 50 per cent of the time driven in the city. When the Astra Hybrid slows down at higher speeds, the petrol engine switches off while the electric motor acts as a generator to recharge the 48-volt battery of the hybrid system. The optimally coordinated system is designed to always provide the best performance with the lowest energy consumption.

Depending on their driving preferences, Astra and Astra Sports Tourer Hybrid drivers can choose between the three modes Eco, Normal and Sport. From a standing start, the new Astra Hybrid accelerates to 100 km/h in 9 seconds and can reach a top speed of up to 210 km/h.

The compact design of the system represents another advantage. The electric motor is integrated into the transmission housing, the 48-volt battery is located under the left front seat meaning that Hybrid drivers can use the full loading volume. The Astra Sports Tourer Hybrid holds up to 1,634 litres.

Clear and self-explanatory: hybrid information at a glance

As with every Opel Astra and Astra Sports Tourer, the drivers of the Hybrid can keep an eye on everything via the fully digital, 10-inch driver information display. In addition to the usual information, it shows other interesting details about electrified operation. The numbers light up blue when driving purely on electric power and white when running on the combustion engine. In addition, a display shows the energy flow between the battery, petrol engine and wheels as well as the battery charge status in different colours. And the most important data on the distance travelled, journey time, average consumption, remaining range and the percentage of the route driven purely electrically is summarised when the vehicle is switched off.

In addition, the wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatible multimedia infotainment system with a 10-inch colour touchscreen is already on board as standard in every Astra and Astra Sports Tourer Hybrid. If desired, a wide range of information can also be conveniently displayed in the optional Intelli-HUD head-up display and smartphones can be charged wirelessly.

In addition to the standard, state-of-the-art assistance systems, technologies such as the glare-free Intelli-Lux LED® Pixel Light with a total of 168 LED elements or the 360-degree Intelli-Vision camera (standard from GS trim level) ensure for maximum safety for all road users. The keyless systems “Keyless Start” and “Keyless Open & Start” enable convenient access to the vehicle. In the interior, the driver and front passenger can enjoy AGR-certified ergonomic active seats. And the sensor-controlled, electronically opening and closing tailgate makes access to the loading compartment easier on the Astra Sports Tourer Hybrid.

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