Alfa Romeo unveils its new online store and exclusive new collection

Now available, Alfa Romeo's new official merchandising, a contemporary and innovative designer collection for the community of enthusiasts, the Alfa Romeo Tribe, which shares the brand's values and mission on a visceral level. Alfa Romeo's new online store is now also online, designed for engaging and intuitive browsing and a premium shopping experience, just like in exclusive Alfa Romeo showrooms around the world.

Divided into three Collections – “Performance,” “Urban Red Line,” and “Sport Red Passion” – the new Alfa Romeo Merchandising offering includes new apparel with a contemporary style and useful accessories with a distinctive personality. Each product therefore reflects a glorious heritage projected towards a sustainable, bold future, as well as meeting the requirements of anyone who wants their everyday look to stand out or is seeking technical solutions that improve performance. All enhanced by a unique style, iconic graphics, and eye-catching textures.

The new collection also serves as a strategic asset to convey Alfa Romeo’s values, building loyalty among long-standing enthusiasts and attracting a new generation of Alfisti fans looking for a symbiotic bond that can bring out ‘authentic emotions’ in a car. For the everyday lives of these brand ambassadors, Alfa Romeo has therefore completely redesigned its virtual store to encourage discovery and enhance the image of a brand with a strong Italian connotation; in over a century of history, it has always managed to keep in step with the times without neglecting its roots. Specifically, the experience of navigating through the various categories is highly intuitive, to encourage straightforward and in-depth exploration. Each product image is accompanied by texts and technical specifications, immediately providing users with all the information they need.

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Performance: a touch of noble Italian sportiness and timeless beauty
A symbol of absolute performance since 1923, the legendary Quadrifoglio logo appears on the garments and accessories that form part of the “Performance” collection, to pay homage to a century of excellence. Minimalist lines, details and tactile emotions breathe life into a refined collection, in which warm and bright shades of color act as an evocative background to set out the tradition and glory of Italian sportiness. The entire site reveals the unique charm of an iconic spirit that combines style and comfort, function and elegance, all inherent in the brand’s DNA. The standout products from the “Performance” collection include the Performance sweatshirt, a sporty and comfortable garment, perfect for training or leisure time, made of neoprene and available in beige, with a long zip, a metal zip puller and rubberized Alfa Romeo and Quadrifoglio logos. Also worth a note is the Alfa Romeo Corten T-shirt, ideal for a casual and original look, available in rust and featuring a large Alfa Romeo logo on the front in a corten effect. The collection is completed by the Alfa Romeo Performance cap in foldable and lightweight fabric, a useful accessory for leisure and sport; the Alfa Romeo Performance Mug, made for coffee or tea in high-quality porcelain, beige in color and with an aerodynamic design; and finally, the refined double-sided Quadrifoglio keyring in metal and leather.


Urban Red Line: an urban vocation with no compromises on emotions
A collection with a sporty attitude that can be comfortably worn in urban living rooms. Style meets technology in garments and accessories with a minimal and magnetic look, inspired by an innovative and sustainable urban aesthetic. The collection stands out for the extensive use of lightweight, high-performance materials, dominated by black and brightened by red details, Alfa Romeo’s luminous signature. Essential lines and pure volumes where every detail seeks harmony between performance and emotional elegance, bringing something of the emotions of motorsport into everyday life. The garments in the “Urban Red Line” include the Urban trench coat, a piece of elegant and refined outerwear ideal for the city, made of padded fabric and available in black with red lining and left cuff. The zip puller is personalized, and the left side of the shoulder features the Alfa Romeo logo in black rubber. For a more casual and sportier look, customers can go for the Alfa Romeo Urban sweatshirt made of a black cotton blend, embellished with a red detail on the cuff and the reflective Alfa Romeo logo on the shoulder. The collection is completed by the foldable technical cap in black, with red bands on the contrasting visor and the Alfa Romeo logo on the reflective front; the Urban Alfa Romeo key ring, a practical and durable accessory to express your style in an everyday item; and the Urban Alfa Romeo mini umbrella with black aluminum and fiberglass ribs.

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