WOW! and WABCOWÜRTH / New air conditioning service line COOLIUS

Since 2000, the name COOLIUS stands for quality air conditioning products in the Würth Group. Thus the previous range of air conditioning service units is also used in many workshops internationally. With the own production facility in Italy, which has been running since spring 2017, WOW!, in close cooperation with the associate company WABCOWÜRTH, now bundles all components of the production chain in one place. Innovative air conditioning service technology for passenger cars, commercial vehicles, vans, buses, agricultural, construction site and rail vehicles is being developed there for current and future market requirements. This step can be used to react more quickly and efficiently to new technical challenges from vehicle manufacturers as well as changing legal requirements. “We want to be able to meet even better the wishes that our sales representatives bring from the workshops and from the market,” says Ulf Kotzerke, air conditioning specialist and responsible product manager. “Our aim is to seize these requirements and needs, to test them and to practicably implement them in our equipment.”

Cool. Cooler. COOLIUS.

The new COOLIUS line for air conditioning service is user-friendly, mobile and efficient. It initially comprises three units, which can be used for air conditioning services for passenger cars, commercial vehicles, vans, buses, agricultural, construction site and rail vehicles.

The COOLIUS Y10 offers the fully automatic air conditioning service with the new refrigerant R1234yf. The system is primarily designed for the service for passenger cars. The second device – the COOLIUS A10 – is the all-rounder of the new COOLIUS line because it can be used for the fully automatic service of air conditioning systems with the refrigerant R134a for passenger cars and vans as well as commercial vehicles, agricultural and construction site vehicles. This system can also be operated with a voltage converter for mobile use.

The specialist for large volume air conditioning systems is the COOLIUS A30 BUS. This system is responsible for the fully automatic air conditioning service with refrigerant R134a especially for buses, but can also be used for passenger cars, vans, commercial vehicles, construction site, agricultural and rail vehicles. This especially becomes evident by the high compressor recovery rate of 1000 g / min. The additional refrigerant liquid pump allows the rapid filling of large quantities of refrigerant.

All systems have been developed by air conditioning service specialists for the reliable air conditioning service. Thus the new COOLIUS line combines innovative technical features with a practical form-follows-function-design and thereby guarantees simple, time-saving and comfortable handling of the air conditioning service in the workshops’ daily business.

The heart of the COOLIUS series is the innovative scales construction. All fluids – oil, waste oil, UV additive and refrigerant – of the COOLIUS A10 and Y10 are attached to a suspended scale. This reduces service time and maintenance costs. The unique transport protection ensures mobile use, as well as rapid on-site deployment.

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