The Aston Martin Bulldog – Engine re-build in final stages

The engine for the 1970’s the Aston Martin Bulldog super car,  is in the final stages of completion and the car is on track to be unveiled  in September by restorers Classic Motor Cars in Bridgnorth.


The 18-month restoration will ultimately see the car being driven to its intended top speed of 200 miles an hour. A feat it never achieved in period.


Nigel Woodward, Managing Director at CMC said: “Bulldog’s cylinder block is now repaired and machined to tolerance putting right the damage found when the engine was stripped.


“In addition, more robust main bearing caps have been manufactured and these are then further braced by a reinforcing ‘girdle’ machined from billet aluminium. The new steel crankshaft should thus be well located in the crankcase.”


He added: “ Further work has been carried out to the cylinder heads, extending the valve guides to help transfer some of the heat from the valves that the turbocharged motor will produce.”


Nigel said: “all this power will be soaked up and transferred by a specially developed twin plate clutch, replacing the original single plate type which by all accounts was rather marginal.”


He added:”At the moment we are on track to unveil the car in September and at that stage will announce where our initial test runs will take place.”

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