Rockwell Automation Chosen Best Supplier

The leading company in its sector with a wide range of products and services on industrial automation, control and software, Rockwell Automation won the 1st prize at the Supplier Evaluation Awards held by the Domestic Purchase Department of BriSA, one of Turkey’s tire giants.

Known as a global supplier in industrial automation, process control and information solutions, Rockwell Automation continues its leading role in the sector with the 1st prize from BriSA. Held for the first time this year looking for the best supplier in Turkey, BriSA Domestic Purchase Department put its 812 suppliers to ‘Supplier Evaluation’. Rockwell Automation came first in the work which included participants from every sector and which will be made into a tradition.

The evaluation made by BriSA contained special criteria for participants such as delivery and bidding time, and completeness of documents. Put to vote through the OSAT system, 24 percent of the votes were from the purchasing team and 24 percent was from the engineering team in the contest. The remaining 52 percent was determined by OSAT systematically.

Offering solutions to end users, engineering and contracting firms, machinery and equipment manufacturers, Rockwell Automation continues to succeed in its field, with its hundred years of experience in industrial automation, control and software and offering industrial automation and control equipment-systems used in all industrial fields with software, engineering, commissioning and training services.

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