Reinforced MEYLE-HD control arms for Fiat models

Defective control arms are a frequent source of trouble for repair professionals, often causing the vehicle to fail periodic technical inspection. The weakest part of the control arm is the ball joint, with the ball pin being the main culprit. The consequences of ball joint damage range from increased tyre wear to indirect steering and poor road holding and may even entail sudden steering system failure, if the ball pin comes loose from the socket.

This is why the MEYLE engineers have developed a reinforced MEYLE-HD version of the control arm featuring a ball joint with an extremely durable ball pin. By enlarging the ball diameter, the ball pin’s load-carrying capacity has been considerably improved. Owing to the technical refinements over the OE design, the control arm comes with an extended four-year guarantee, as do all items of the MEYLE-HD range.

The new MEYLE-HD control arm to fit the Fiat 500 and Fiat 500C as well as Ford Ka II models can be ordered under the MEYLE part numbers 216 050 0044/HD (LH) and 216 050 0045/HD (RH). To ensure swift repairs, the control arm comes with all the mounting parts required for replacement.

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