MEYLE ORIGINAL full-service tripod joint kits for VAG models

The tripod joint ensures that the loads are distributed evenly between the transmission and the wheels. A rattling or knocking noise during load change is likely to be caused by the tripod joint. The reason: Continual load change can cause the tripod rollers to wear into the housing resulting in excessive joint play and unpleasant noise, for example when cornering. Axle boot leakage is another typical cause of tripod joint failure as insufficient protection against moisture can lead to corrosion in the joint.

The full-service MEYLE tripod joint kits allow independent workshops to perform cost and time-effective tripod joint repairs supplying all required parts perfectly matched to one another in a single box. Besides the tripod joints, the full-service kits include OE-quality hose clamps, the boot and snap rings complemented by a high-performance grease specially formulated to meet the requirements of this type of joint: significantly improving the joint’s load-bearing properties helps to reduce friction and wear. In addition, the advanced grease formula keeps energy losses during load transfer to a minimum.

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MEYLE workshop advice: It is essential to ensure sufficient lubrication when installing the tripod joint to take full advantage of the high-tech properties of the grease included in the full-service kits.

The full-service kits are suitable for use on VW, Audi, Skoda, Seat and Opel, General Motors and Vauxhall models.

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