Mercedes-Benz and Moncler reveal PROJECT MONDO G

PROJECT MONDO G recreates the iconic Mercedes-Benz G-Class with the distinctive design codes of Moncler by merging the characteristic G-Class features with Moncler’s puffer jacket. As a premier the art piece was unveiled at the Moncler “The Art of Genius” show during London Fashion Week today. Hosted by Moncler, Mercedes-Benz is lined-up with brands and artists, such as Alicia Keys, Pharrell Williams, Adidas Originals, FRGMT, Salehe Bembury, Palm Angels, ROC NATION by Jay-Z. Moncler unleashes a new vision for Moncler Genius through an immersive live event at Olympia London. Transforming its collaboration model into a platform for co-creation across diverse new industries including art, technology, sport, music and design.

 Mercedes-Benz and Moncler reveal PROJECT MONDO G

Mercedes-Benz and Moncler share a passion for innovation, concise design language and a first-mover approach to cross-cultural collaborations. These values and attributes define both partners, who now came together to showcase the creative opportunities and where the merging of the two brands’ worlds can take you. The theme “Art of Imagination” is an inspirational message to dream big and to explore their own firsts: breaking new ground, put the impossible in reach, and discover without limits. The collaborative art piece PROJECT MONDO G marks Moncler’s first automotive partnership.


The exclusively for the collaboration of Mercedes-Benz and Moncler designed art piece merges the characteristic features of the iconic Mercedes-Benz off-roader G-Class with the style-defining Moncler puffer jacket. Building a spectacular contrast with the angular design of the G-Class and the soft, flowing lines of the quilted textile. Unmistakable and inimitable with functionality at their core, both functional products have developed into lifestyle items of luxurious value over the past decades. The fusion of opposites gives rise to a sculptural object: PROJECT MONDO G invites to experience the transformation of a formerly pure utility focused object into a design. Its impressive dimensions are: 4.6 m length, 2.8 m height, 3.4 m width (with wheels) and 2.5 tons weight.

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A closer look reveals further characteristic features that have a concrete connection to the original products and additionally create exciting contrasts: the rough patina is the visible trace of use, which refer to functionality and practicality. This forms the visual counterpoint to the perfect, high-gloss reflective surfaces that underpin the claim to luxury. Nor is it by chance that the PROJECT MONDO G bears the huge zipper, another deliberately striking and eye-catching element. The zipper is a practical reference to the versatility and variability of both products, vehicle and jacket.

Mercedes-Benz and Moncler presenting a co-creation

The “Art of Imagination” campaign

PROJECT MONDO G is the hero showcar of the campaign that accompanies the Mercedes-Benz and Moncler co-creation with social media, out of home (OOH) and PR assets for a broad global activation. The visualization stages an otherworldly winter landscape inspired by the main themes of outdoor durability and limitless discovery opportunities with the off-roader G-Class as basis of PROJECT MONDO G and the puffer jacket of Moncler. The look and feel is an imaginary universe with low gravity that interprets the art piece with fashionable moments by models wearing conceptual looks designed with Moncler collection items. The campaign set design mirrors the art piece reveal at the “The Art of Genius” show presenting the ability of the G-Class and the Moncler puffer jacket to withstand even in the harshest conditions. The campaign was lensed by the recognized director and photographer Thibaut Grevet.

PROJECT MONDO G at “The Art of Genius”

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