Long-standing Porsche lover has a colour named after him

Now a brilliantly rich green will join the palette. Michael Essmann, a long-standing Porsche lover and Managing Director of family business Elektro Essmann, has had his very own individual colour made within the scope of the Paint to Sample Plus range. As part of the model year R Paint to Sample range, starting in March 2023 the exterior colour Essmanngreen, colour code 24C, will also be available through the Car Configurator for customers of the 911, 718 and Taycan model lines.

Long-standing Porsche lover has a colour named after him

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As far back as 1992, Michael Essmann had a 911 Carrera RS 3.6 (964) painted in the company colour of the master workshop for electrical installations and photovoltaic systems – the first Porsche model in Essmanngreen. Other cars followed, including a 911 GT3 RS 4.0 (997) and most recently a 911 GT3 Touring (992). Sons Mike and Stefan Essmann compete successfully in the Porsche Sports Cup, with racing cars naturally, these also displaying Essmanngreen accents on the bodies.

Highest quality and perfect colour matching

While the Custom Colour of the 964 was blended in the After Sales painting process that was standard at the time 30 years ago, the current Essmann Porsche benefits from Porsche professionalising the range of special exterior colours in 2021 and significantly expanding its capacity. A new colour-mixing bench has been put into operation at the main plant in Zuffenhausen, where paint specialists blend several dozen ingredients down to the last milligram to achieve the desired shade. When the binding agents and additives are included, the recipe for Essmanngreen contains over 100 ingredients.

911 GT3 RS 4.0 (997) and 911 GT3 Touring in Essmanngreen, 2023, Porsche AG

170 additional colours across all model series

Porsche has extended its colour range while simultaneously restructuring it. “Paint to Sample” used to be known as “Custom Colour”. This category includes predefined colours that have already been technically approved by the paint specialists at Porsche.For especially individual colour requests, Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur goes a step further: “Paint to Sample Plus” allows almost complete freedom in selecting the paintwork based on a sample submitted by the customer. Thus, the Essmanngreen colour on Michael Essmann’s 911 GT3 Touring was first created as a “Paint to Sample Plus”. After technical approval, the Porsche paint specialists then added the colour to the “Paint to Sample” programme. There, Essmanngreen can now be selected from anyone who is interested via the Porsche Car Configurator. The process was started by Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur, who painted a brand-new 911 GT3 RS (992) in the this colour for exhibition purposes.

Personal design even in the interior

Michael Essmann selected not only “Paint to Sample Plus” but also further custom options from the Sonderwunsch programme of Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur. For example, his very personal 911 GT3 Touring (992) has a Porsche logo on the side whose look is based on the Porsche Heritage Design models.

In the interior, the seats were customised. Based on the 964 RS, the seat centres have a graduated colour design in Slate Grey and Crayon. Trim made of carbon enhances the dashboards. The “touring” logo is stitched into the headrests of the full bucket seats in red thread. This fits in with the overall concept as Elektro Essmann also uses red as a contrasting colour.

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