Jeep® Media Drive features the new Jeep® Renegade and Compass e-Hybrid

The Jeep® Renegade and the Jeep Compass MY24, both in their latest e-Hybrid version, take center stage in Balocco during the e-hybrid Media Drive, showcasing their cutting-edge hybrid engine technology.

After the exciting journey of discovery through Balocco with the Jeep® Avenger e-Hybrid, the distinctive experience continues unabated, now focusing on testing other powerful e-Hybrid vehicles from the Jeep brand lineup. This marks the second phase of the test drives, with different stars taking the spotlight: the Jeep Renegade and the Jeep Compass MY24, both powered by Brand’s innovative hybrid engine technology.

Balocco, a small Italian gem, once again set the stage for celebrating sustainable technological innovation. From March 12th to the 20th, the town hosts the media drives of Jeep’s e-Hybrid lineup, opening the doors of both the village and the vehicles to selected European journalists from 14 countries. Among specially designed routes, journalists will discover the unique features of the two e-Hybrid vehicles and their concrete performance, testing a 100% hybrid experience.

Eric Laforge, Head of Jeep brand in Europe, has commented: “For Jeep, the importance of e-Hybrid is also cultural, because we want to make it the first entry point to electric mobility for those who feel not ready yet to join this market evolution. As proof, we’re offering the same technology on Avenger and two other important models: Renegade and Compass, representing a further step toward sustainability without sacrificing comfort and performance”.

The e-Hybrid powertrain seamlessly manages the propulsion system by automatically switching between full electric, hybrid, and internal combustion engines based on factors such as the 48V battery state of charge, liquid cooled and with 17.5Ah capacity, real-time driving conditions, and other monitored parameters. This intelligent system ensures the delivery of exceptional performance across various driving scenarios. Whether it’s the smooth and silent full electric propulsion during launch, the efficient hybrid mode for cruising, or the powerful internal combustion engine for acceleration, these vehicles adapt effortlessly to the demands of the road.

The two vehicles featuring the GSE T4 1.5L turbo engine incorporate several innovative components and capabilities aimed at enhancing efficiency and performance. At its core, the GSE T4 engine boasts a gasoline four-cylinder Miller cycle Turbocharged design, generating 130hp and 240Nm of peak torque, delivering both power and fuel economy. Crucially, the hybrid system integrates an Intelligent Brake System, enabling regenerative braking to harness energy during deceleration. The engine is complemented by a Belt Starter Generator (BSG), facilitating smooth restarts of the Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) at low speeds, ensuring seamless operation and reduced emissions. Furthermore, the transmission is equipped with a P2.5 motor, providing an additional 15 kW of electric propulsion, strategically coupled with even gears for optimal efficiency. Power is supplied by a compact 48V air-cooled battery pack, boasting a capacity of 17.5Ah and 0.8kWh, ensuring ample energy storage for hybrid operations. The hybrid control system, housed in a separate unit, orchestrates the seamless integration of power sources, optimizing performance across various driving conditions.

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The electric combustion system distinguishes itself through its distinctive functionalities. Pure electric power offers significant advantages, such as the ‘e-creeping’ feature, which allows for a series of short forward movements without the need for accelerator input. This feature is particularly beneficial in situations like traffic jams (‘e-queueing’). Furthermore, the vehicle can be parked using 100% electric mode (‘e-parking’). This technology enables energy recuperation during deceleration and facilitates automatic recharging through regenerative braking, eliminating the need for plug-in charging.

The Jeep Renegade and Compass MY24 introduce a brand-new lineup, more streamlined and efficient, comprised of three trims for Renegade – Renegade, Altitude, Summit – and two trims for the Compass – Altitude and Summit – providing customers with a comprehensive range of products tailored to their needs.

Renegade MY24 introduces a big step ahead in terms of technology, introducing the new 10,1” infotainment system with a processing power five time faster then the previous generation, the new TFT 10,25” digital cluster as well as a new and updated steering wheel, the new high resolution rear camera and the connectivity Apple Carplay and Android Auto now wireless. All these features are now standard on the entire range, starting from the entry trim, Renegade, which completes the offer with 16” alloy wheels, cloth seats and fog-lamps, moving up to the Altitude trim which boasts impressive features including stunning Full LED Headlamps and Taillamps, along with LED Front Fog Lights that provide clear illumination of the path ahead, complemented by Automatic Air Conditioning for interior comfort. Stepping up to the Summit trim level, a premium blend of luxury and convenience unveils to journalists, highlighted by brand new 18-inch alloy wheels and Heated Front Seats ensuring warmth and comfort during long journeys.

For the Jeep Compass, the Altitude trim level features outstanding exterior and interior elements including full LED reflectors with a signature design, chromed DLO, 18-inch alloy wheels, and cloth/vinyl seats while the Summit features 19-inch diamond alloy wheels and a two-tone black roof.

These vehicles represent the pinnacle of Jeep’s commitment to sustainability, offering drivers a seamless blend of performance and eco-consciousness. One of the key highlights of this new lineup is the introduction of an optimized engine and battery calibration. This enhancement, for the Jeep Compass, is combined with the debut of the new A+ class 18” tires, results in a remarkable improvement in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions of up to 3%.

Moving on to the Jeep Compass e-Hybrid, journalists will discover a vehicle that sets a new standard for safety and security, with an array of advanced features, including autonomous driving at level 2. This technology enhances safety on all types of roads, providing media members with an extra layer of confidence. Moreover, it boasts over 80 standard features, and it’s closely connected to the driver through TBM services, enhancing the experience with personalized assistance and information.

The media drive unfolds on a 26-kilometer journey through the scenic outskirts of Balocco, carefully selected to rigorously evaluate the cutting-edge technological advancements and interior design enhancements of the new Jeep Renegade. Additionally, this route serves as the perfect terrain to put the new L2 autonomous drive system of the Jeep Compass e-Hybrid to the test, showcasing its seamless integration into extra-urban driving scenarios. Furthermore, the capabilities of the e-Hybrid system undergo thorough examination, presenting journalists with the opportunity to explore its unique features. As a hybrid technology that seamlessly transitions between mild and full hybrid modes, journalists quickly grasp the art of optimizing battery recharge during braking maneuvers and delicately balancing throttle input to maximize electric motor utilization throughout the drive. This holistic approach ensures a comprehensive understanding of the vehicles’ performance and highlights their adaptability to various driving conditions.

Hence, as journalists navigate through these routes, they will not only get a taste of the vehicles’ capabilities but also witness firsthand the marriage of sustainability and performance that defines the e-Hybrid lineup from the Jeep brand. This unique journey offers a comprehensive understanding of how these vehicles blend cutting-edge technology with eco-conscious powertrain, providing an immersive experience into the world of next-generation motoring, where efficiency meets excitement on every turn.

New Compass MY24  is already available at Jeep dealerships for orders, while new Renegade MY24 will make its debut in April.

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