IBIS Turkey brings all sides of the collision repair industry together

IBIS – the International Bodyshop Industry Symposium – specialises in bringing together global influencers and knowledge for the collision repair industry at its annual Global Summit and Regional events. IBIS Turkey will be an intensive full-day conference at the Hilton İstanbul Bomonti Hotel & Conference Center on 16 October 2014.

David Lingham is the IBIS conference director and moderator for the Regional event IBIS Turkey. He answered our questions about the event and gave some information about the agenda of IBIS Turkey.

What can delegates expect from IBIS Turkey?

IBIS Turkey builds on the success of previous Regional events held in Poland, the Middle East, Australia, Italy, South Africa and the USA. Delegates should expect to be in the company of the top industry experts and key contacts from the Turkish collision repair market. The full day’s conference, which already has a packed agenda, will be followed by networking drinks and canapés giving everyone a chance to build and cement their business relationships.

What subjects will be covered in the packed agenda?

We have a variety of speakers from different businesses and industries that will be discussing the following topics: safe repair and what this means for Turkey, what is the real cost of repair, the view from the insurance industry, what will the Turkish market look like in five years’ time, working together for the customers, the future of networks, the view from a car manufacturer, best practice and efficiency, and European collision repair developments and their impact on Turkey.

Benzer Konular

What do you think IBIS can bring to the Turkish collision repair market?

IBIS was established in 2001 and has since become the leading global conference and networking provider for collision industry leaders and influencers. The knowledge, contacts and insight the IBIS team have gathered in the last 14 years are unmatched and hugely valuable to any country, region or market IBIS visits. With a unique data project and global context, IBIS is in a privileged position to map out the future of the Turkish collision repair industry.

How has the unique data project been researched, and what areas will it cover?

The Turkish Focus Report will collate data and information on topics as diverse as insurance, labour costs and vehicle registrations. The Report will give delegates a clear view of the Turkish market as it currently stands, where it has come from and what the future has in store for it with projections and predictions.

The report has been compiled with the help of IBIS Turkey’s lead Partners, AkzoNobel and Audatex, partners 3M, Axalta and the Innovation Group, as well as Ayhan Dayoğlu, Assistant General Manager – Claims and Operations at Aksigorta. IBIS Turkey and the Turkish Focus Report are only possible with the support of the partners who have worked tirelessly to present the Turkish industry with quality information.

As you have gathered so much insight into the Turkish market, what challenges do you think the country’s industry is facing?

Turkey is globally unique, spanning both Europe and Asia it is seen by many organisations as a gateway to new regions. At present, its geography presents it with issues but the way it handles crises in neighbouring countries and regions will determine the future strength of the economy. Like many expanding markets, the Turkish industry could learn from the global market in order to reach a level of maturity that allows it to continue to thrive into the future.



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