Hyundai Motor’s IONIQ 5 Lineup Gets a Boost New N Line Model

Enhanced IONIQ 5 and new IONIQ 5 N Line join dedicated EV lineup, offering product enhancements, innovative features and design upgrades

Hyundai Motor Company announced today the upcoming release of an enhanced IONIQ 5 and new IONIQ 5 N Line for its award-winning dedicated electric vehicle (EV) lineup that offers product enhancements, innovative features and design upgrades.

The enhanced IONIQ 5 aims to maintain the global award-winning EV’s exemplary level of product competitiveness by improving specifications and applying new technologies to enhance consumer satisfaction.

The upgraded IONIQ 5 now features an increased capacity, growing from 77.4 kWh to 84.0 kWh, which in turn increases its all-electric range. Exterior enhancements include a refined V-shape garnish and restyled front and rear bumpers that emphasize IONIQ 5’s low and wide SUV stance. As a result, IONIQ 5’s length increased by 20 mm to 4,655 mm while the other external dimensions – width of 1,890 mm, height of 1,605 mm and wheelbase of 3,000 mm – remain unchanged.

To further enhance the IONIQ 5’s dynamic appearance and improve its aerodynamic performance, the rear spoiler has been extended by 50 mm, and the vehicle now boasts new aerodynamic wheels. The interior of the vehicle offers improved usability and convenience while maintaining a comfortable living space. In the center console, the upper part of the Universal Island now features a physical button that can operate frequently used functions, such as the first-row heated and ventilation seats, heated steering wheel and parking assist function. Also, the smartphone wireless charging pad has been relocated from the lower part to the upper part, significantly enhancing usability.

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