Hyundai Motor Group releases new videos to introduce value of hydrogen energy

Hyundai Motor Group has released a new set of videos as part of its efforts to accelerate the path toward hydrogen society. The five videos in this series entitled ‘H-Conomy’ cover the most frequently asked questions that have arisen with the increasing commercialization of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies.

This is the first time such a comprehensive visual guide has been produced in the field of hydrogen energy, ranging from its history and value to its eco-friendliness, economic feasibility, safety, and future of fuel cell electric vehicles.

The videos were released in English and Korean on the Group’s official YouTube channel ( The Group plans to translate the content into other languages, including Spanish and Chinese, to make the videos available to a broader audience.

Hyundai Motor Group has been actively leading the transition to hydrogen energy in line with its fuel cell vision. In addition to NEXO, the world’s first mass produced hydrogen-powered vehicle from Hyundai Motor, the Group is expanding into other domains such as buses, trucks, vessels, and trains. The Group is also working closely with companies and governments around the world as a co-chair member of the Hydrogen Council to promote hydrogen energy and scale up infrastructure surrounding fuel cell technology.

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