Honda to Begin Sales of All-new ZR-V SUV in April 2023

The ZR-V was developed as a model which combines “practicality,” the core value of an SUV, “reliability” based on the latest safety features and passive safety performance, distinctive “design” with a strong presence and exhilarating and comfortable “driving experience,” all on a high level.

Honda to Begin Sales of All-new ZR-V SUV in April 2023

Key features of ZR-V

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The development concept of ZR-V – Unleash Your Potential – represents Honda’s desire to enable its customers to drive their vehicle “at the will of the driver,” providing a greater sense of confidence and helping liberate them to unleash their unique personality to try something new.


By reducing the height difference from the heel point to the hip point, a sedan-like driving position was achieved, enhancing a sense of oneness between driver and vehicle.

Exhilarating visibility, which contributes to the ease of driving, was while focusing on three key points regarding the driver’s gaze/eye movement: “not to distract the flow,” “not to interrupt the flow” and “to make it easier to grasp changes in vehicle behavior.” Based on this approach, the basic design lines which enable the driver to more easily grasp the movement direction and overall orientation of the vehicle were applied both inside and outside the vehicle. A number of packaging technologies, including the use of these basic design lines, made the ZR-V easy to drive.

All-new ZR-V offers a variety of storage spaces, which feature both beautiful design and excellent user-friendliness, ensuring utility that accommodates various customer needs. The floor of the cargo area was designed as flat as possible, and a corrugated geometric pattern created through digital modeling design*1 was adopted on the sides for the first time for any Honda vehicle in Japan, achieving uniformity in design quality and functionality that make scratches less noticeable. Moreover, the power tailgate is standard equipment for all types of ZR-V.


The exterior design features flowing proportions characterized by large, smooth surfaces that flow from front to rear.

The design of the front-fascia features a vertical grille, designed in concert with surrounding areas, and sharp-looking, wide-set headlights that flow horizontally. These features create a highly sophisticated expression, yet with stature and a strong presence.

The rear of the body is shaped to emphasize the vehicle’s wide tread by adding volume around the bottom of the body, with a smooth, upswept look.


As the value customers feel the most in this vehicle, the development team put the highest priority on providing a “greater sense of confidence and helping liberating customers” to enjoy by driving this vehicle “at the will of the driver.” To this end, the team strived to realize a driving experience with a sense of unity, as if the driver’s intentions are directly translated into vehicle behavior. Unnecessary vehicle movements and noises were thoroughly suppressed, and a high level and constant ground contact was secured to offer greater peace of mind for all occupants.

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