Gatherings go social with the first “Abarth Digital Day”


The Abarth brand continues to involve its Community and is now launching the first “Abarth Digital Day”, scheduled to be live-streamed December 19th.

The date is approaching: on Saturday, December 19th, the first “Abarth Digital Day” will take place, dedicated to all the brand’s fans. A unique event to gather the Scorpion brand’s big family together online. Because of the pandemic this year, we could not be together on the track for the now customary Abarth Days.

Abarth’s people are therefore moving onto the Web for a spectacular online event, promising great emotions and a world record to be achieved: the Abarth Digital Day is aiming to become the largest digital gathering in the world. For certification by Guinness World Records, we need maximum involvement from the entire Abarth Community. Just before the start of the live stream and within one hour, we will ask the Community to post a selfie with their car on a Facebook page specially created for the record. Over 500 photos are needed to enter the Guinness Book of Records. The Guinness World Record will be announced during the event and a representative of the Committee will give Abarth the award live.

But the surprises won’t stop there. Taking part in the Abarth Digital Day will be Ylenia Baccaro, host of the “Tutto esaurito” (‘sold out’) radio program on Radio 105, as presenter of the live stream, along with the DJ Fabio Liuzzi, also from Radio 105, and the influencer Ema Motorsport, who will join the event online. “The Engine Alchemist”, as Ema Motorsport is known on social media, will make an appearance in one of his performances, live from the Officine Abarth, where he will reveal rarities from the Abarth collection to the audience.

Even in such an extraordinary digital guise, performance and fun will not be lacking, as per the best tradition of the event that fans of the Scorpion brand look forward to the most. Many of our fans are involved in the fastest growing Abarth community in the world – there are now 87 official clubs, boasting over 5,000 members – and many others belong to “The Scorpionship” community – active for four years in the EMEA region, now with over 139,000 subscribers. Sign up is still open for free via the website,

The Abarth Digital Day will therefore be an event in pure Abarth style, to bring the brand closer to its people, just like in the hashtag #DistantiMaAbarthisti.