Future-oriented filtration solutions for fuel cell and high voltage battery systems

at the present time the idea that the future of mobility will be electric seems to be becoming closer to reality. Several European countries have now decided to do away with the combustion engine within the next 25 years and the automobile manufacturers have embarked on a strategy to offer electric drives with their new models. But it is not yet clear whether this technology will in future dominate the market or whether in future there will be a number of different, equally preferred forms of drive technology. Therefore MANN+HUMMEL has opted to provide a wide range of products for many varied applications, which, however, all exploit the core know-how of the company including filtration, system expertise and precise plastics processing. The following products are now included in the MANN+HUMMEL product range, with some already in series production and others still under development in cooperation with OEMs:

1. Brake dust particulate filter
• Reduces the brake dust particulate emissions by up to 80% and therefore lowers the level of pollution caused by particulates, in particular in city traffic which is characterized by many braking processes
• Temperature-resistant and corrosion-resistant filter medium
• Reduced soiling of wheel rims
• Robust design can be implemented in existing installation space
• Use possible in all vehicles and types of drive

2. Gearbox oil filter for e-axles
• Ensures clean oil for the lubrication and cooling of gearwheels and other components within the gearbox for e-axles
• High-arrestance, pleated fully-synthetic filter medium designed for lifetime requirements
• A very compact design makes it ideal for tight installation spaces

3. Ion exchanger filter for fuel cells
• Maintains low conductivity of the coolant in fuel cells
• Innovative design enables use of ion exchanger granulate for use with automobiles
• Modular system for the market to cover varied industrial requirements
• Easy adaption

4. Cathode air cleaner system for fuel cells
• Removal of harmful gases and particles from the cathode air to extend the lifetime of the system
• Decades of experience in the development of air cleaner systems
• Highly-efficient water separation to protect the layers of activated carbon

5. Coolant particle filter for fuel cells
• Ensures cleanness of the coolant which is required for the thermal management of electric vehicles
• Elements with different high-arrestance, pleated filter media possible. Fully-synthetic media offer high mechanical stability and glass fiber media are suitable to meet the highest cleanness requirements
• Excellent resistance to aggressive media (e.g. PAG, PAO and POE oils)

6. Battery frames for high voltage battery systems
• Stability and protection for pouch cells in liquid-cooled high voltage batteries
• Integrated cooling ducts
• Precision injection-molded process meets high cleanness requirements
• Use of plastic to reduce weight

7. Air drying cartridge for high voltage battery systems
• Maintains dry air in the battery system through adsorption
• Protects against water condensation on cooling plates
• Avoids corrosion of battery cells and short-circuits caused by water
• Special vacuum packing prevents moisture absorption before assembly

8. Cooling air particle filter for high voltage battery systems
• Retains particles which cause wear
• Formable filter element ideal for fitting where access is limited
• Low pressure drop and low component weight

9. Venting unit for high voltage battery systems
• Pressure compensation and emergency degassing function
• Protection against dust and water
• Modular product range to cover different function requirements


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