Fisker Provıdes Update On Recent Busıness Actıvıtıes

Fisker announced a change in its vehicle distribution strategy toward an innovative Dealer Partnership model in North America and hybrid model in Europe that will continue to include direct sales to consumers and dealer arrangements. Since this announcement, Fisker has seen substantial interest from potential partner dealers across the United States, Canada, and Europe. The company is currently engaged with over 100 dealers. Enthusiasm has been driven by the fact that Fisker is the only American brand available to dealers that manufactures exclusively electric vehicles that have class leading features (for example, the Fisker Ocean has the longest range in its segment). Fisker is scheduled to host dealers at its headquarters in Manhattan Beach during the week of January 29. In addition, Chairman and CEO Henrik Fisker and several Fisker executives are scheduled to attend the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) show in early February to meet with prospective dealers and promote the company’s new dealership model. Fisker expects the first Oceans to be available in dealer showrooms in February.

Many of Fisker’s potential dealer partners already support multiple brands of vehicles, have existing EV infrastructure and the ability to service vehicles. The company anticipates that dealers will be able to purchase vehicles for their inventory shortly after finalizing the partner agreements. Fisker believes this strategy is consistent with its asset-light business model and will allow the company to build a strong distribution network capable of servicing its customers in a more cost-efficient way. Initial dealer agreements will likely cover California, Illinois, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Florida, Maryland, and Canada.

Anticipated Positive Impact to Cash Flow

Fisker expects that the Dealer Partnership model will enhance its ability to turn new vehicles into cash by reducing the time vehicles are retained on its balance sheet. Similar to the traditional automotive OEM/dealer model, Fisker will recognize revenue when a vehicle is sold to a dealer. Fisker anticipates that it will sell most of the vehicles it currently has in inventory before the end of this year’s first quarter and expects to provide a delivery update in February.

During the first half of 2024, the company expects to generate cash from the sale of existing 2023 production vehicle as well as a consumption of raw materials, including batteries, in producing cars in first half of 2024 that are currently on its balance sheet. The carrying value of completed vehicles in Fisker’s inventory at the end of 2023 was approximately $290 million. Since Fisker has been selling vehicles through its direct to customer model and will pivot to a dealership model during Q1. We expect to sell the balance of our 2023 vehicle inventory before end of the quarter, releasing almost $290 million on the balance sheet that can be used for working capital. In addition, Fisker has approximately $260 million of parts, including batteries, which will support the production of Ocean vehicles in 2024. As a result, Fisker expects to achieve a higher contribution to cash flow from Oceans produced and sold in early 2024.

Amendment to 2025 Convertible Notes

As previously announced, on January 21, Fisker entered into a second amendment and waiver agreement with the holder of its 2025 senior convertible notes. Pursuant to this waiver, among other items, the company no longer is required to maintain a minimum cash balance. In addition, the company has obtained a release from the investor of certain intellectual property belonging to Fisker upon the company entering into certain commercial agreements with an automotive original equipment manufacturer (OEM). Fisker believes this waiver provides increased flexibility to pursue strategic collaborations. Reflecting a series of conversions by the senior convertible notes holder, the company’s overall debt level has been reduced. As of January 19, 2024, the principal balance outstanding on the 2025 notes has been reduced by approximately $185.5 million to $324.5 million.

NHTSA Preliminary Evaluation

Fisker issued the following statement on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) Office of Defects Investigation’s (ODI) Preliminary Evaluation of reported braking issues with the 2023 Fisker Ocean:

The Fisker Ocean brake system uses both friction braking and regenerative braking. In December 2023, Fisker responded to customer feedback and issued an Over-the-Air update (Version 1.10) to the regenerative system that improved the customer experience when traveling over bumps and uneven surfaces, resolving the issue. The Fisker Ocean brake system meets or exceeds all US and international performance requirements.


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