Fiat Professional Excels in the Prestigious “Interactive Key Award” with the "A Pro Like You” Campaign

As part of the 22nd edition of the “Interactive Key Award”, a major festival for web- and mobile-based all-digital advertising communications, Fiat Professional has won first prize in the “Public health emergency awareness campaigns” category. The prestigious award was bestowed upon the “Professionals like you” campaign, launched in December 2020 and aimed at supporting the work of small businesses hit by the pandemic. Since 1982, the Media Key publishing group has been a benchmark for operators in the advertising and business communications market. Every year, it organizes the “Interactive Key Award”, to acknowledge the best of all-digital communications projects. For 2020, Fiat Professional received the special category award, for raising awareness of the public health emergency by means of the “A Pro Like You” campaign, providing visibility to the entrepreneurs involved. The basic idea, developed in collaboration with the Leo Burnett agency, is simple but effective: to give a voice to small and medium-sized enterprises suffering due to closures or the inability to travel, but which are ready to get going again. Employing a win-win strategy, both the specificities of their individual businesses are emphasized, as is the support provided to them by Fiat Professional, with their range as broad as it is flexible, to meet the most diverse requirements for mobility and load capacity. Disseminated in 30-second clips on the official Facebook, Instagram and YouTube channels, the campaign explores the SME sector, typical of the fabric of the Italian economy, in search of remarkable stories, from dog sitting to the testing of locomotives and from the repair of chocolate tempering machines to luxury paper: completely different businesses, yet united by the common factor of using Fiat Professional vehicles and their commitment to get going again. Each ad, all of which stand out for their engaging background music, clearly highlights the company’s name and details. The company owner speaks in person, telling of the difficulties encountered but also his ambitions and the will to keep going. As such, Fiat Professional is supporting its clients not only with a complete and versatile range of vehicles, but also by means of promotions on its advertising channels, providing professionals with the visibility they need to get their businesses going again the best they can. “A Pro Like You”: this campaign is the biggest statement ever of Fiat Professional’s claim of keeping the brand firmly close to current entrepreneurship. Click here to watch the clips: Link.]]>

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