ECARX Expands Global Sales and Technical

ECARX Holdings Inc. (Nasdaq: ECX) ("ECARX” or the “Company”), a global automotive technology provider, today announced the successful launch of its new office in Stuttgart, Germany.

This development marks a significant milestone for ECARX, reflecting the Company’s dedication to growth and its ongoing commitment to delivering cutting-edge infotainment, connectivity, and advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) technology to automotive OEMs by adding a third hub in Europe alongside those already present in Sweden and the United Kingdom.

Inaugurated on February 1, 2024, the German office will serve as a pivotal hub for sales and technical business development, strategically positioned in the established heartland of the European automotive industry to cater predominantly for European clients. The Company’s decision to establish a presence in Stuttgart underscores its mission to achieve customer excellence and foster stronger connections with leading automakers by providing exceptional support and tailored software solutions.

Peter Cirino, ECARX chief operating officer, said, “We are excited to take another step forward in expanding our global footprint, reinforcing our commitment to accelerating the future of software-defined vehicles. The new Stuttgart location is a crucial addition to our network, allowing us to better serve our European clients by offering bespoke solutions designed to meet their unique requirements, delivered in close partnership with our local engineering teams.”

The fast-growing team based in the Stuttgart facility – currently recruiting for key positions including software architects, functional safety engineers, and key account managers – will work closely with their counterparts in ECARX’s global network. This includes Stockholm, Sweden, which incorporates HaleyTek, a joint-venture between Volvo and ECARX, London, United Kingdom, San Diego, United States of America, and Shanghai, China to develop applications for ECARX’s key product lines: digital cockpit computing platforms, digital cockpit software stacks, and central computing platforms that combine digital cockpit and ADAS controllers in one powerful, fully-integrated solution.

The customer-facing engineering teams in Stuttgart will play a vital role in facilitating future client development and enabling them to bring world-class technologies to market quicker than ever before, while at the same time reducing cost, complexity, and enhancing robustness.

ECARX’s continued growth, including the Stuttgart office, positions it at the forefront of the automotive technology landscape, enabling the Company to stay at the vanguard of industry trends and evolving customer needs.

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