Citroën Launches An Ultra-Limited Series Based On The My Ami Buggy Concept

Only a few months after presenting the My Ami Buggy Concept and following the very positive reception from the public, Citroën is launching an ultra-limited edition based directly on this concept.


Only a few months after presenting the My Ami Buggy Concept and following the very positive reception from the public, Citroën is launching an ultra-limited edition based directly on this concept. A series of just 50 units will go on sale on 21 June on the Each customer will have their own exclusive version as inside the vehicle, a “My Ami Buggy ULTRA SPECIAL LIMITED EDITION” plate, numbered from 1 to 50, will be fitted on the right-hand side of the dashboard, individually signing each unit. With summer approaching, this very exclusive version of Ami is sure to please beach-going enthusiasts.

“The public reacted enthusiastically when we presented the My Ami Buggy Concept and many customers asked for it.  Today, we are pleased to be able to bring the spirit of this concept to life with this exclusive My Ami Buggy series and to illustrate once again the potential for customising Ami. With no doors and a convertible roof, My Ami Buggy allows the driver and passenger to feel freer and to enjoy silent driving in electric mode”, said Laurence Hansen, Director of Citroën Strategy and Product.

An Adventurous Spirit For The Exterior

With elements from the My Ami Pop and Vibe versions, the My Ami Buggy special edition embodies the spirit of adventure and the pleasure of displaying one’s style in total freedom.

The first thing you notice is the new colour of the bodywork. The tinted Khaki material is in perfect harmony with the spirit of nature and goes well with this Buggy version which invites you to get out and enjoy the open air. From the Pop and Vibe versions it takes the front and rear bumper reinforcements, front faceplate and light trims, the wheel arches and rocker panels on the sides, and the rear spoiler, all of which give it a more muscular appearance. Black-tinted protective accessories give it confidence and reinforce the sense of robustness. This black equipment is the graphic signature of this version and contrasts with the new green colour scheme.

In addition, bright yellow decorations enliven the bodywork and give My Ami Buggy a bright and cheerful look. On the front faceplate, the two recesses are picked out by rich yellow stickers. This colour can also be found on the directional arrows glued to the wheel arches. These technical elements, like those used in aviation to indicate functionality, are purely decorative here.

To assert its style further, My Ami Buggy has 14” perforated gold wheels with black decorative caps specific to this version. In the centre of the wheels are the emblematic Citroën chevrons. This type of high-contrast wheel is perfectly matched to the Khaki body colour.

The front plate can be personalised to allow the customer to make their My Ami Buggy even more their own by putting any message they like on it. And to protect it, an Ami cover has been designed to match the Khaki tones of My Ami Buggy.

Free As The Air

A closer look reveals the absence of doors and a roof that can be opened to make the most of the outside environment and breathe in the fresh air, with the wind blowing in your hair. Hinged metal tubes replace the doors. As for the convertible roof, it is fitted with a soft grey top, a reference to the Mehari or the 2CV. This protective fabric is roll-uppable, of good density, waterproof and UV-treated in order to protect the driver and passenger from sunlight or bad weather. The soft top is attached all around the roof opening by means of snap fasteners. It can be rolled up and simply stored behind the seats.

A Vibrant Atmosphere On Board

As a complement to the yellow exterior touches, the same colour can be found on several elements inside My Ami Buggy. They highlight the practicality of certain functional accessories such as the three dashboard storage, bag hook and opening straps.

The seats, covered in a black-coated technical fabric highlighted by yellow stitching, invite the occupants to take a seat on board. The floor mats also feature yellow details through the seams and the double inner trim.

For all free spirits and lovers of outdoor activities, My Ami Buggy promises an exciting ride full of adventure. Playful, it will be perfect for weekends, holidays by the sea or in open countryside.



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