An Exclusıve Pop-Up Store InParıs To Dıscover All-New Cıtroën Ë-C3

Citroën is pleased to announce the opening on April 19th of its brand experience centre, 'Le Chëvron', located at 45 Boulevard Haussmann, a boulevard that serves as an international showcase in the heart of Paris.

With this exclusive venue, Citroën aims to reach a diverse audience to celebrate the commercial launch of All-New ë-C3, introduce the brand’s universe, and present mobility that can be both responsible, straightforward, accessible, and optimistic.

Beyond the automotive experience, Citroën creates a genuine living space in a highly graphic and visual setting. This space will feature a café with a creative menu where visitors can enjoy coffee, lunch, or drinks in an after-work atmosphere. For nearly a month, the public will have the opportunity to engage in experiences and attend concerts, stand-up shows, family activities, roundtable discussions with inspiring personalities, or creative workshops. With ‘Le Chëvron’, Citroën opens a lively and immersive space, inviting the public to engage in a relaxed manner in a dynamic world.

A name: ‘Le Chëvron’. This name refers to Citroën’s emblem, a symbol of modernity and innovation since the beginning of the brand. Graphic and recognisable, depicted by wild horses in a famous advert, embraced by enthusiast clubs, the chevron instinctively conjures memories and imagery associated with Citroën. ‘Le Chëvron’ is a natural choice for a gathering that embodies Citroën’s values of audacity and innovation, a popular brand addressing the masses to promote freedom of movement and well-being.

An address: 45, Boulevard Haussmann, Paris. ‘Le Chëvron’ is in the heart of a bustling shopping district of the capital, where Parisians and tourists of all backgrounds mingle with an exhilarating energy throughout the day. Close to the Opera and department stores, it is in the midst of a vibrant neighbourhood that’s always embracing the latest trends. This location is ideal for reaching out to the public and introducing Citroën’s identity through a highly visual and impactful flagship.

A space: A true territory for the brand’s expression. In an area of nearly 150m2, the public will be fully immersed in Citroën’s universe. A modern and ever-evolving universe for a brand that, with the launch of New ë-C3, challenges preconceptions about electric mobility. The main space will showcase ë-C3 with a dedicated area featuring a luminous animation highlighting the fast charge of All-New ë-C3, as well as a photo animation based on artificial intelligence for a unique brand experience.

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The red colour, a true hallmark of the brand, will be everywhere inside ‘Le Chëvron’. Strong graphic elements and lettering will animate the space, which will include a bar area, an exhibition space initially showcasing the Oli concept car, a true Citroën manifesto, and a convivial space for seating and conversation. This adaptable space can be adjusted according to events and meetings organised on-site.

On the facade of ‘Le Chëvron’, a large window display will feature Citroën Ami, another symbol of the brand’s innovation that has democratised the micro-mobility market, and showcase visually striking graphics around the chevron.

A celebration for the launch of ë-C3. ‘The Chëvron’ invites visitors to fully immerse into the world of Citroën ë-C3, offering an unprecedented experience. Designed to reveal every facet of All-New ë-C3, the space underlines Citroën’s commitment to providing a concrete solution to the challenges of energy transition. The visit turns into an interactive adventure, allowing everyone to discover the innovations that make ë-C3 a leader in affordable electric mobility. ‘Le Chëvron’ is a call to show that tomorrow’s mobility can be responsible, straightforward, stylish, and optimistic. Visitors will have the opportunity to discover ë-C3 through interactive screens. An advisor will also be always present to assist customers in their product discovery, discuss finance options, and finalise the sale if necessary.

A living space to share, discover, and experience. ‘Le Chëvron’ will not only be a simple exhibition site but a genuinely popular and vibrant place of sharing, reflecting Citroën’s image. A place where one can discover, learn, exchange, taste, laugh, listen, dance, or play. For a month, nearly 40 events related to the daily life of the public, organised by Citroën in partnership with Konbini for shows, creative workshops, discussions, and roundtables, and Universal for musical events, will take place.

  • Nearly 15 concerts and DJ sets will be organised. Aimed at showcasing young talent, these showcases will take place on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. They will increase the pulses and charge the audience with emotion.
  • Every week, stand-up comedy shows will be held, highlighting the simplicity, spontaneity, and good humour one can experience in a Citroën.
  • Roundtable discussions will be organised with Citroën executives, and spokespersons in the fields of sports, development, or sustainable mobility. Inspiring personalities who will provide a different perspective on societal issues.
  • Art and creation will be at the heart of ‘Le Chëvron’ programme with workshops and speeches on automotive design, customisation of trainers, or graffiti workshops.
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