A well-oiled machine runs like clockwork: Water pump kits from MEYLE

The timing belt needs to be replaced according to the service intervals specified by the manufacturer. With all components optimally geared to each other, the MEYLE water pump kits for VW, Audi, Renault, Peugeot and Citroën applications are a great all-in-one solution ensuring professional timing belt change. The kits contain the timing belt and a full set of mounting parts along with tensioners and idler/s. Also included: the corresponding water pump in MEYLE-ORIGINAL or MEYLE-HD quality, as it is highly recommended to have the water pump replaced along with remaining system components.

Most MEYLE repair kits come with a water pump featuring an SiC/SiC mechanical seals which offers a level of quality exceeding by far the standards typically found on the aftermarket. Leading car makers also rely on this type of sealing which is fitted in MEYLE-ORIGINAL water pumps. All water pumps included in the kits come with a 100,000-miles (160,934 kilometres) minimum performance guarantee – in addition to the respective guarantee period.

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