2024 Jaguar F-Type ZP Edition Sends Off Combustion Sports Cars

As Jaguar pivots to an all-electric portfolio by 2025, its sporty gasoline-powered two-seater gets a fitting farewell.

It looks like Jaguar is sending off more than just the F-Type in 2024. The company is building 150 examples of a special F-Type model to celebrate the end of its entire combustion-powered sports car run. Dubbed the F-Type ZP Edition, this limited-production Jaguar is based on the 575-hp P575 models but has a few interesting additions to help set it off.

While all of these changes are superficial, they are interesting. These short-run F-Type models are available in what Jaguar calls crystal grey and Oulton blue.

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Joining these special colors is a set of hand-painted circles on the door that emulate the spot for numbers on a race car. These F-Type ZP Edition cars also see a special interior with a contrasting color to the paint finish, wheels, and a plaque noting that this is one of 150 cars.

What sounds like an odd name starts making sense when you put it into Jaguar’s historical context. This special F-Type’s name comes from the early E-Type race cars that Jaguar referred to as Project ZP.

In addition to these last-edition F-Types, Jaguar Classic is also building recreations of the early-edition E-Type racers for those with the means to afford them.

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